Low cost PSA4-5043+ LNA from the UK

Richard Lee


They can also be found on Ebay USA.

I have a kit-form PSA4-5043+ LNA and it works pretty well.

This one looks nice, because it's factory made. It can be powered by a 5VDC USB charger socket.
A bit different, since many LNAs use higher voltages (9 to 15 vdc).
The SMA connector arrangement looks nice too.
You could connect this between your SMA type radio & antenna very easily.
It would a snap to install this on the 1090 Puck radio..

If you mean the AM air band, 118 - 137 MHz ?
You can use LNAs made for the TV bands. Many will work pretty well from about 50 to 1090 mHz.
i mean for the major frequency 100Mhz ~ 300mhz.
Amateurradio, PMR446,.. so do you have one?
sorry for that stupid question but how make it a difference ?
If you have one can you make a comparison between the physical LNA and the "logical" who use SDR#?
Like noise level and so. And maybe you can run some decoder Software like Acarsdeco2 with 2 sticks. One who use this LNA and one who use just an virtual A?
Pre-amps/LNAs made for the TV bands will do a pretty good job on 100 to 300 mHz and on the 446 mHz bands.

I have a few Ham radio tranceivers that work on the 446 FM band. In the USA, the 70cm ham band is 420 to 450 mHz.
My newest radio is a low cost UV-5RE Plus handheld FM transceiver, and it's sensitivity and selectivity is a little better than using a USB Dongle radio / RTL-SDR (RTL2832U).
You can find more info on the dongle radios at: http://www.rtl-sdr.com/
If you are going to be monitoring voice communications on the road, a good antenna is a must.

sure i am not a newbie on this area.
I have an Baofeng to and the problem its illegal to transmit in Europe. (No CE)
So the most interesting Question is do you have one of this USB LNA?