Map problem


New Member
Hi, I am new here and am fascinated by the site! But I have a problem that the map is not loading properly. There are usually several squares of grey, and sometimes the whole screen remains grey. I do have quite a slow internet connection, but it is good enough for everything else including watching most videos, and the map does not load however long I wait so I don't think that can be the problem. Can anyone suggest something please?
Hi There,

Welcome - it is good to know that your enjoy what we do.

Sorry about this problem though.
It does sound a bit like an internet performance problem.
Do the Apple/Google maps load ok when you zoom those in/out to new locations?


Mark Daniels
Thanks for your reply. Google maps can be a bit slow loading, but they do load eventually, but I tried taking my laptop to work and Planefinder maps load fine, so I think it must be our poor internet :(

Anyway the good news for me is that I just heard we will soon be getting fiber :)