MH17 down Boeing 777 (9M-MRD)— Malaysia Airlines

I've tried to play back a few other flights listed at
and so far, none of them play back far enough to see the flight path much past Berlin.
It's a data problem, or not enough ground stations in that area, or those Malaysia Airlines planes
have been turning off their ADS-B transponders, well before entering the war zone.
In the first part of the playback, you can see MH17 taxi before taking off, and that's a good sign their ADS-B is working.
I wonder why the data seems to be incomplete.?.

It looks like flight radar24 was tracking and recorded all the flights in the area of the shoot-down.

Saw this comment:

Flightradar24 @flightradar24 Follow
Several airlines that have been tracked over Ukaraine as late as yesterday,
claim they have been avoiding Ukraine for months #fail

2:33 AM - 18 Jul 2014

Today, I noticed there were still a few planes in the war zone, and wonder why..?.
Yes, the news is truly shocking and my thoughts are with all of those who have been affected by this tragedy.


The Australian flag has been flown at half-mast today as a tribute for the innocent passengers which lost their lives in the downing of MH17. I understand that other countries have done something similar in tribute for the victims of the ill-fated flight.
Americans who remember the horror of 9-11, understand what other civilized people in the world are feeling now.
Our sympathies go out to those who have lost friends, family and fellow countrymen to this savage act of mass murder.

American citizens are partly responsible for allowing the savages of the world to think they can get away with any crime or act of terror.
The counterproductive foreign policy from our current regime has encouraged the savages of the world to act against civilized people.
For that, I am truly sorry.