ModeSMixer2 crashes immediately after startup (Windows)


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I want my SBS-1e to feed data to VRS and I've heard I need ModeSMixer2 for this.

When I startup ModeSMixer2 it almost immediately crashes on my Windows PC. I've tried on Windows 7, 8, 10 and Windows Server 2012.

As it crashes on all these different PC's I must be doing something wrong.

I use this start line : modesmixer2.exe --inConnect --outServer avr:c

I want it to connect to my SBS-1e over the network. Basestation can connect succesfully to

Any ideas why ModeSMixer2 crashes?

Thanks for any help!


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From modesmixer2 --help

--outServer arg Output server. Format: type:port Types: beast,avr,avrmlat,msg,sbs30006,sbs10001,fatsv

shouldn't your outServer be specifying a port number like -outServer avr:10101?



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Thanks Martin!

Yes you are right, after adding that the software did not crash.

However, it connects now, and VRS also connects, but I'm not seeing any messages.

My startline : modesmixer2 --inConnect --outServer avr:10101 --web 8080
At startup I get this log:
2016-03-05 17:01:49.006 INFO ModeSMixer2 v.20150825
2016-03-05 17:01:49.011 INFO outServer(avr:10101) started
2016-03-05 17:01:49.015 INFO inConnect( connecting
2016-03-05 17:01:49.019 INFO inConnect( connected
2016-03-05 17:01:49.120 INFO outServer(avr:10101) connected

So this does look good. In VRS I also see connected, but Total Messages 0, Bad Messages 0, Aircraft Tracked 0

Any ideas what could be going wrong?


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I am using a Beast connecting on a serial port with a start line of
modesmixer2.exe --inSerial COM4:3000000:hardware --outServer beast:33001

I feed RAW data to VRS hence the beast format on the outServer

Here's the log that goes with it...

2016-03-07 11:29:24.353 INFO ModeSMixer2 20141121
2016-03-07 11:29:24.362 INFO InputServer added
2016-03-07 11:29:24.382 INFO inSerial(COM4) connected
2016-03-07 11:29:24.384 INFO OutputServer added
2016-03-07 11:29:24.386 INFO outServer(beast:33001) started
2016-03-07 11:29:24.388 INFO inSerial(COM4) BEAST data stream detected
2016-03-07 11:29:24.678 INFO outServer(beast:33001) connected
2016-03-07 11:29:24.682 INFO outServer(beast:33001) started
2016-03-07 11:29:25.756 INFO Determination of coverage area for feed done
2016-03-07 11:29:26.013 INFO outServer(beast:33001) connected
2016-03-07 11:29:26.015 INFO outServer(beast:33001) started
2016-03-07 11:29:27.072 INFO outServer(beast:33001) connected
2016-03-07 11:29:27.074 INFO outServer(beast:33001) started
2016-03-07 11:29:29.509 INFO outServer(beast:33001) connected
2016-03-07 11:29:29.516 INFO outServer(beast:33001) started