Multiple & Incorrect Aircraft Photos

Shine Wang

Hi Everyone,

You might have come across multiple copies of the same airplane photo. You might have even seen an incorrect photo as well. I was thinking about how these duplicate photos got there. To me, I find them very annoying when viewing photos on Plane Finder as sometimes the photo is repeated three or four times! It would be much appreciated if someone could give me any information about this. I would be also happy to help if necessary.


Maybe something like this...
Multiple Photographs.PNG
Thanks Shine,

We will look into how we can identify and remove these.
As soon as we are able to do this I'll post here again.

Thanks for the offer of help too.

Best Regards,
Sorry for the extra workload :( but photo sizes need to be watched too. Like this...
Cut off Photo.JPG

Like this shot of VH-VYJ. A spectacular shot by Mehdi :D but it would be much better if we could see the full shot rather than a cut off version. :(
I do understand that the author uploading their photos to Pinkfroot should watch their photo sizes but is there some sort of way that administrators can change the photo sizes so that the full photo can be seen? :confused:
Sorry, but I just want to make this site better.

Good luck and see what you can do, ;)

Hi Shine,

Thanks for raising this. I see what you mean - real shame too in the example that you used there!
I'll add this to our list to look at.

Thanks as always for your help :)