My Scanner has arrived & now need newbie guidance


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My Uniden EZ133XLT hand held scanner has arrived & I'm sitting here having my first play with it.....It seems a great little scanner & I've tuned it immediately to the first "approach" frequency to Heathrow (119.725) & am picking up dialogue. I don't want to run before I can walk, so for now, I will concentrate on that particular airport & understanding the scanner itself. I'm getting the frequencies from this link ( ) & I notice that they are split into 5 catagories ( Approach, Radar, Tower etc )......I presume the choice of frequencies under each heading are for the best reception. I have only listened in to the first approach frequency for Heathrow & not radar, tower etc, as I don't want to confuse myself to begin with & I've realised that you have to be quick to catch the call signs, but I'm sure this comes with experience. As one of the "approach flight paths" for Heathrow practically goes over my house (Barnet), I will try & familiarise myself with that first & progress from there. I'm watching the activity on "Planefinder" as I listen in to try & match "on screen" with "scanner".......Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated........Thanks.
Congratulations on your new acquisition!

I think you'll find that the various aviation frequencies have been chosen to keep different phases of operation separated. Ground operations have a channel of their own, planes on the ramp theirs, one frequency (maybe more) for approach, another for departures...still more for en-route airborne communications. It's a logical layout, but you need the key to what's what.

I'm guessing that the rules in the UK are different from those in the US, so I will try not to confuse you with stories of how it's done over here. If you can find an online guide to monitoring aircraft frequencies in the UK, that would be ideal.