NanoPI OrangePI H3 SOC ADSB software installation made too easy.


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Hi all, we all love Raspberry pi as a micro computer but we also love OrangePI/NanoPI boards as it is very cheap & durable same time. I have made an compact image that will work with almost all boards having Allwinner H3. I have tested in Nanopi Neo, Nanopi M1, Nanopi M1 Plus, Orange Pi One, OrangePI PC & OrangePI PC Plus. All of these board working fine. Any board having H3 processor will work this image i think.

Onboard wifi issue: I have failed to work onboard wifi having some of these board. But USB wifi working in every board. In my long working experiment with onboard wifi, i have found only Raspbian(Wheezy) Desktop OS working onboard wifi but dump1090 not working.

The main image i have taken from Nano PI developers. Its assume to completed whole process within 30 minutes only. 4GB SD is enough but for future upgrade in long run, its better to write the image in 8GB SD card.

Image feature :
1> CLI based Ubuntu Core 16.04 Xenial kernel 3.4.39 armv7l with SSH enabled.
2> Dump1090-mutability1.15 installed with openstreet map
3> Receiver performance in web portal & graph.
4> Flightradar24 client ready.
5> Planefinder client ready.

Just download the 480mb file then extract with 7z software, it will came out as a 2GB file. Write this file with win32diskimager soft.

After writing the image to SD, put it into your PI along with RTL R820T/R820T2 dongle & power it up. Connect the LAN port to your local network, then find the IP you PI got. In my case, i got

You don't need to connect any display , open putty soft & ssh on the IP. User name is "root" password is "fa"

Now you have to do some basic configuration to match disk size, timezone etc.


npi-config then go to localization to change to your local time. You have to set your local time also.

Then type

fs_resize to resize the partition as free as possible. Now you must reboot & login as root. Now type

resize2fs /dev/mmcblk0p2

Thus partition resize process completed.


then run apt update && apt upgrade to update your OS. You may ask to run sudo apt-get autoremove to remove some unused package like " itcl3 libtcl8.6 tcl tcl-tls tcl8.6 tcllib tclx8.4". Please don't run this command if you willing to install piaware later. These are piaware support package.

Here in my test device, ip is So my dump1090 map link is. You should put your own IP accordingly.


You will find my location(23.9000, 90.2300) with 150, 300, 450km circle. So you need to change to your lat-lon according to your location, gain etc with this command
sudo dpkg-reconfigure dump1090-mutability

To change circle number & length type

cd /usr/share/dump1090-mutability/html
sudo nano config.js

& change these number here "new Array(150,300,450)"

Now go


to complete link performance & graph. Then you will ask username password, email address to complete this portal. Here you need adjust your timezone, distance unit(imperial/Metric) also. I did the config as Metric to show the distance in kilometer.


Go to
for further edit on graphs. here you will ask your user password to login. Web portal & graph having some good feature. Please explore this.

The web tool, performance, graph portal credit goes to Joe Prochazka.

Now go to to install pfclient.


you will find this page. If you already have a PF key, you just put your lat-lon along with key, in next page, & port 30005. Thus Pfclient finishes. Here i used my old key to demonstrate. You can make new key or use old key with lat-lon.

Now go to for FR24 config.


I have put a dummy key, so you will find key error. If you already have a key, just click settings then put it & save it. If you dont have a key, please mail to supportwith your lat-lon they will provide a key with radar name. Here i have used my T-VGHS14 key to demonstrate.

From your FR24 status page, please change to your Lat-Lon as shown in this image below


After put FR24 key & changed location if FR24 client having any error or connection issue, try this process

sudo fr24feed --signup

You will ask to put email, key, lat-lon, antenna height, then some "yes" & complete Fr24feed configuration. then

sudo systemctl restart fr24feed


If you want to install piaware on it. follow this page. As most of the support package already installed, your piaware will be install in very short time than usual.

After install, click the link with account log in

If you want to install radarbox24 client then use this command
sudo bash -c "$(wget -O -"

As like piaware, you need to claim the key with your account login, you will ask to put your location name/lat-lon to complete
If you have a previous RB24 key, you just change the key editing this file.
sudo nano /etc/rbfeeder.ini
In case of using old key, you dont need to claim again.

If you want to install client you need to put this
git clone
cd adsb-exchange
chmod +x
sudo ./
cd ..

Any question, Ask in the comment section.
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