National Police Air Service (NPAS) Eurocopter EC135's are not appearing

Hello there,

I was wondering how i can track NPAS Eurocopter EC135's because there was G-POLC above my house in Barnsley, South Yorkshire 8th July 2016 22:15 and it wasnt appearing on planefinder and in fact no npas ec135 appear live on planefinder please can we register them so we can track them and yorkshire air ambulance will be receiving 2 BK117's and they'll not appear either and then NPAS Carr Gate will be soon getting their upgraded ec135 and it will make it harder for me to get the registration because i have an aviation channel on youtube and i put the manufacture model owner and registration and i need to know so please can somebody help me

Thank You
Hello Jordan,

We have chosen to block all the NPAS aircraft to let them get on with their jobs in peace!

They always do their jobs in peace but I need to know what NPAS or YAA aircraft registration is because it makes it a lot harder fro my aviation channel on youtube. and so if I get an ADS-B receiver I wont be able to pick the NPAS/YAA details up, I think it is quite ridiculous and utterly pathetic when you've paid all that money I'll buy one and see where I get to :/ :|