New antenna location

Jose Vazquez

New Member
Hi All.

I'm planning on moving the antenna to a new location. The new location it's better because I can mount it safely and firmly to a thick wall and it'll be higher. I'm worried about a tree which will be a couple of meters away though, and would like to know your opinion regarding coverage or signal loss because of this tree.

Attached is a picture of current and planned location. Let me know your thoughts.


Thank you!
Jose. I'm somewhat skeptical of the "line of sight" idea when dealing with obstructions. In the attached picture I've tried to simulate my antenna's view out a north facing window. Everything in the big piece of the pie is obstructed by being inside a house. I do believe there is some blockage, but am not really sure you can predict it, with the exception of elevation. Member ab cd here has his antenna inside too.
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