New feeder, no output to Planefinder?


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Hello, I'm new to the aircraft tracking/feeding. Using a Pi 3 set up with an RTL-SDR dongle. Currently I have my set-up in the loft [antenna included]
I currently have dump1090fa and I'm feeding Flightaware [which seems to be working OK] so I thought looking at various forums, I would like to try and feed some other sites, with Planefinder being UK based [where I am] I thought I'd give them a shot, so I followed the instructions for downloading the Planefinder client, entered all the Lat/Long etc of my location and on the next page entered

AVR[TCP] and IP address and port 30005

but looking on my account page there is no output showing from my device?

Any idea what I might have done wrong?

I contacted support yesterday but, as of yet, have not received any reply, so maybe someone on here can give me a few pointers?

Please try and keep the info simple as I'm still getting to grips with using a pi

Thanks for any help.