New format of Web page

Rob Harrison

New Member

I was on the web page this morning and around 11:45 GMT it timed out. I refreshed only to find a completely new design of page.

The jury's out ATM as I haven't had time to check what's missing or new. Hopefully everything I use is still there, but somewhere else.

Was there any prior info' that this was happening?


Hi Rob,

Everything is there but yes might be in a slightly different place than before to make room for all the extra information we've been able to add.

A summary of the new stuff can be found on the blog here
I like, the menu list across the top now feels more user friendly, I personally like the estimated flight path now being a broken line instead of the count up timer, also gives me a better idea on how my receiving system is performing, but I'm just in a location for that, only a couple other of feeders here, couple of other things neutral about but will adjust.