New Hub no data

Paul H

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Hi Group :)
Please excuse if I have posted in wrong place or question previously answered but I have searched and can't find any solutions to my present problem.
Yesterday I activated the new upgraded super hub 2 from Virgin Media. Today I received automated message from PF "Station ********* offline" for over 6 hours.
I have re-installed PF client on Windows 10 64 bit, checked firewall etc but I to no avail.
all my other programs are working ok PlanePlotter, FR24 feeder and Radarbox24.
My receiver is the RTLdongle.
Up until new hub all worked fine
Any help much appreciated.
Best regards
Paul H
All sorted :) I was certain I had local ip address in PF settings prior to new hub but I just tried external ip and 30005 and all ok now
Best regards
Paul H