New IP address for Raspberry Pi - no data going to Planefinder


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I have just installed a new router and, of necessity, I have had to set a new IP address for the Raspberry Pi which I use to feed Planefinder. As a result of this change data is no longer feeding to PF. What/how do I reconfigure in order to reinstate my feed?
Copy-paste the output of these commands:
sudo journalctl -eu pfclient --no-pager

ping -c 3 

ip addr
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Copie y pegue la salida de estos comandos:

Hello, I have the same problem but I don't know how to set my RPI, my receiver was working properly for a long time but it was inactive for about 2 years, now I have moved, installed the receiver and antenna in another place, but my receiver does not work, I do not know why. I need help to get it working again, but I don't know how to configure the RPI, please help!
First go to your router's settings and under "connected devices" locate your RPi. Note its IP address which will be something like

Once you know the IP address of your Pi, open a browser on your Desktop or Laptop (which is connected to same router as Pi), and enter following address in browser's address bar


This will open a cinfiguration page. Complete configuration settings. You will need sharecode whichwas emailed to you when you first reggistered your Pi.
I can’t access to the raspberry i need support! The raspberry was sent by planefinder i don’t know how configure i tried but not success!

If this is a Plane Finder Radar you are not able to configure the IP, it needs to get one from DHCP. Please do not try as we will need the unit back.

Get in touch with support who will be able to assist.