New sharer, question about orange circle on leaderboards


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Hi all,

I just recently began sharing with PlaneFinder. My location is pretty ideal for data collection, and due to some unexpected roof repairs (I live in attached condos), I haven't even been able to put my antennas up fully yet. I 3D printed brackets and mounted them onto the window temporarily (I wanted to get set up while they finish these repairs!).

My range should be pretty nice once I put the antennas outside, since I'm already getting over 200 miles south of me, down past Ensinada, Mexico, mounted inside on my window

At 6 days online, I'm at 3.5 million positions and 12k aircraft. Once I have the antennas outside, I'm sure I'll extend my range out over the coast to the west. I should also fully cover LAX then, too. Right now, LAX is spotty, but my window faces south and LAX is west. We'll see.

I have a couple of questions.

On the sharing leaderboard, I see a yellow/orange circle next to my name, while most everyone is green. Is this due to only having 6 days of data history? If not, what done it mean? I always have solid green status on ADS-B, MLAT, and GPS.

I don't remember my other questions right now so I'll go with what I have! Thanks in advance.

That would seem to be the case, for example one uploader in the Netherlands has an orange status with 29 days upload stated.