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Hi as I am due to fly to Kos in the Greek islands, I tracked a flight over the whole 4 hrs just to see what countries my flight would pass over.
Everything was fine untill the last 1/2 hour or so. The tracked flight passed over Kos as normal, but insted of doing a 180 to line up with the airport, it kept going at 35000 over and passing Rhodes,and just kept going untill it vanished?
I kept checking at the same time, via another aircraft tracking site, same thing.
Hi Malagabob,

Good to see you using Plane Finder! ;)
You are experiencing this problem on Plane Finder and other plane tracking websites because there is no ADS-B coverage at the point where the plane was flying. (Kos) Many planes are equipped with ADS-B equipment that send data about their position, speed, altitude, flight number, squawk etc. which are recieved by ADS-B recievers and sent to Plane Finder servers. Without a reciever to pick up this data and along with 'Flight Estimations' in the settings box, the plane appears to keep flying. This position is calculated by the plane's last known heading and speed which can be very inaccurate. After some time, without any more data from a plane's last position, the plane times out and vanishes from Plane Finder's maps. This is the reason why you are seeing these strange flight movements over the Greek Islands.

If you know someone who can host a receiver near Kos, I'm sure that Plane Finder would definitely like their help!

I hope this information helps and you have a great trip to the Greek Islands. :)

Shine :D