newbie questions please


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Hi, new with this hobby

Looking at, a pop up window appeared looking for locations to Greece, giving a free receiver
How ever at north of me are mountains, so the support decided not to give me one
However at local airpot at south location (about 17 km far from me) any flight below about 10000 feet (around the island) will not appear at
So i decided to give a go & build one usb stick because at south part the airport is in sight (only some small trees & hills are front but i am 135 meters higher than the airport) adding possible coverage for them

I have some knowledge with internet routers etc but with flight totally new (i guess will learn quick)
i am thinking adding a location at Corfu (yes there is good coverage already by & having an other 3-4 users for each but not for planefinder)

but i have few questions please...
If i am allowed to add links of usb sticks it may help me more ... but in short words

I have an old windows 10 just sitting there
Is possible to use just the usb dvb & pc? not via PI to pass feeds?
(the reason not need PI is because i also have a weather station so i may manage to use both via the pc)
If yes ... is any software for pc windows?

Can i use almost any usb stick? as far i have understand (not able right now to shop from outer of my country so need to find a usb from local market)
I can add a link (if i am allowed) for a user to advised me what is the best usb from the ones available here in the market, to get one

will this way give coverage to mlat as well?

many thanks

PS i can provide via pm photos of my location, as i gave to support