No aircraft indo


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When clicking on an aircraft, the side window opens but it does not show full details of the aircraft. Any ideas?
Secondly, I am a premium users of Planefinder, but still get adverts in the bottom right of the screen.
Norman Marks
[email protected]
Hello Norman,

Make sure you are signed into the website with the account you subscribed with. That will unlock all the features.

Subject: Re email from Lee
Hi Lee - I responded to your email by using "reply" but the message came back "undeliverable"
My message was -
At a risk of appearing thick, I cannot see where to log in.
Secondly, why am I still seeing adverts?
Norman Marks
You can't reply to notifications, you have to reply in the forum.

On there is a login in the top right hand corner.

You are seeing ads as we can't identify you (and that you have paid) until you login