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Hello all,

I am fairly new to Plane Finder and I have some questions for the assembled masses (well, probably mostly for the Plane Finder Poo-bahs):

First, I begin with the assumption that most of the non ADS-B traffic shown over North America/USA is coming from the FAA feed and is therefore on at least a 5 minute delay?

In what regions are you employing MLAT? And is there a method for differentiating planes that provide complete ADS-B info from those being MLAT'd?

Is there a method to toggle off FAA data and see only ADS-B traffic?

And finally, what is probably more of a feature request than a question unless I am missing the way to do this. Is there a way to filter by airport? In the Map Options dialog I see only options for Speed, Alt and Airline.

My issue is this: I live near the NJ Meadowland just west of Manhattan. The airspace around here is some of the busiest in the world and THE busiest in North America. In addition to traffic arriving/departing from KEWR, KJFK & KLGA we also have traffic from about a half dozen smaller (but also quite busy) reliever airports. We are also right under the a good number of the northern trans-Atlantic routes to/from most of the major East Coast airports. Now add to that mix all the fixed wing and helicopter sightseeing traffic in and around NY City on any given day and during the day the result is that all I will see is a blob of red and orange if I zoom out to anything more than a very localized view.

Now, in my case I live on a ridge overlooking the Meadowlands and am about a mile from threshold of KTEB RWY 6 and just West of the finals for RWYS 22 at KEWR. In fact the inbound KEWR traffic literally flies past my office window at about 2500' As a result, when I am plane spotting or just sitting here wanting to know who's making all that noise outside my window, I am really only interested in seeing the traffic coming in and out of KEWR and KTEB. The rest is just clutter and detracts from my ability to quickly identify local traffic.

I know that was a bit long winded but I have had this discussion before and wanted to impart why such filtering might be important.

Thanks in advance!
Hi Agardk,

Great to see you using Plane Finder! I hope you enjoy using it as much as I do. ;)
I might have some of the answers that you are looking for...
Plane Finder does receive data from several sources. A lot comes from ADS-B but Plane Finder does also receive data from the FAA; which is shown by yellow colored aircraft flying on the screen. FAA data is delayed by 5 minutes, just as you assumed.
There is a way to remove or filter FAA data planes from your screen. Just uncheck the box labelled 'Show Scheduled Flights' under the Plane Tab in Map Options.
I don't think there is a way to filter flights by airports. It may be a suggestion that Plane Finder could include in the future.

Hope this information will help you! :)


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