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Hundred passengers evacuated the plane crash and a machine Villanubla.

Valladolid, SP, July 17, 2014 -. The company had to cancel yesterday Vueling flight 1585 in Valladolid-Barcelona Villanubla airport after one of its Airbus A320 aircraft slammed into a machine. Company sources said they had not yet clear whether the crash had occurred against a GPU (Ground Power Unit), a power generator, or against an ASU (Air System Unit), which is another machine, larger, whose function is to give air to the engine.


The fact is that the plane hit one of two to make a reversing maneuver and was damaged in one of its probes. In this situation, Vueling to take no chances and decided to cancel the flight should have left shortly before 1330, resulting in confusion among the hundred stranded passengers, who had to leave the plane. However, the Catalan company offered several options. The first, pay back the bills; the second relocation in any of the flights from Madrid bound for Barcelona.

Furthermore, Vueling decided to move to a maintenance team from the capital to review the possible damage that could have been the A320, the type of aircraft used in all operations for this company.

The aircraft used yesterday Vueling is almost four years old, although during the first half year of life and was used by Air Berlin and the next two years by the French airline Air Cosica. In fact, the Catalan company had been using it only a month and a half ago.

Despite the low gravity, for eight years the airport of Valladolid a similar incident did not occur as reflected in the activity report of the Commission of Investigation of Accidents and Incidents of Civil Aviation under the Ministry of Development and responsible to investigate these events.

Specifically, it was on 27 July 2006, when an aircraft from the Cuatro Vientos airport in Madrid, trying to land on runway 23 from Valladolid Airport. That was when the flight instructor who was a student in and noticed that "the plane was going a little to the right, 'reads the report. "As you lose speed, aircraft, propeller and right wing made contact with the ground," details the document, which clarifies that "there was no fire and the occupants were unharmed."

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Valladolid Airport (IATA Code: VLL, ICAO: LEVD), also known as Villanubla Airport, Airport Valladolid-Villanubla or Villanubla Air Base is located in the municipality of Villanubla 10 kilometers from the city, Valladolid province, autonomous community of Castile and Leon in Spain.
Approximately 462,504 passengers pass through the airport, being also considered as an important airport in Spain.

Valladolid Airport is located at a distance of 10 kms from the city center, in the town of Villanubla and is the most important at the regional level. With passenger traffic of about 500,000 a year, the airport operates at a specific time which extends from 06:30 to 22:30 hs., Though often extended to 00:30 if any given flight.


Opened in 1938, has an extensive passenger terminal that opened in 2000 and since 2002 operates with low cost companies, which increased traffic in recent years. Its runway has a length of 3005 mts long and 45 mts. wide. Valladolid Airport Business support individuals or groups of school facilities prior to their consultation, leading them on a walk through your facility to enable them to know the operation of the airport and its facilities.