One antenna for two devices.

Jose Morales

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Is possible have only one antenna for two devices?, maybe using an splitter, amplifier/filter by each devices?

I have a PF and a FR24.

It is possible but you need one really low noise and high gain (26-30dB) amplifier, and a low loss 2-way splitter-combiner. This latest is probably a 2-way Wilkinson combiner. Precisely splits the signal and you will have almost only the "natural" losses, originated from the splitting itself. (just a bit more) On the other hand, resistive splitters are cheap but the isolation between ports is really poor. I do not recommend them. Splitters are also frequency dependent, so carefully read the specification.
You can identify the ones you'd not like: They "work" in a frequency range from almost DC to "sunlight" :)

Watch this video to gather the basics about splitters.

You can split the signal right at the receivers - so, no need of filter duplication - but take care of having a power inserter (bias-t), over the splitter and the filter.
Receivers --> splitter --> filter (if there is) --> bias-t --> coax cable (if you use it) --> LNA --> Antenna

In this configuration, receivers can not feed the LNA directly by their bias circuits. Do not forget switching this function off!
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