PF client OSX


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Hello all,

does anyone know how it is possible to not use the PF client for feeding and use raspberry pi for constant feeding?
I just don‘t want to be dependent on the pf client for feeding.
It's not very clear what the problem is.

PF client installed on the RPi is the preferred method for feeding for most i'd say.
I‘m running a MacBookPro at home. With 2 partitions on it. When I log off my patition, the pf client installed on the mac stops and so the PI stops feeding also.
I‘m looking for a solution that the pi is feeding continuously even when the desktop is switched of.
The best way would be to remove the client from your Mac and install it directly on the Pi.

Hello Lee,

this thread helped to solve the problem.
My PI is now running 24/7 even when my Mac is switched of.