PF Radar and PlanePlotter Beamfinder Plus

Steve Kubisch

New Member
Just received a new PF Radar receiver from Mark at PlaneFinder to replace my aging SBS-1, Thanks Mark.
I have it up a operating and sending data to PlanePlotter but see no Mode A/C pulses in the Mode A/C pulse rate window (u key shortcut). So, I'm wondering if anyone has the PF Radar receiver working with PlanePlotter Beamfinder Plus??? What settings, if any did you use?

Thanks for any help.

Hi All,

Bev at PlanePlotter has indicated on the PlanePlotter group that the PF Radar receiver will not support Mode A/C Beamfinder Plus at this time, but he is working on implementing it. So it appears it is capable but not yet supported by PlanePlotter.

Bev has done his magic and implemented Mode A/C from the PF Radar receiver in PlanePlotter I am now seeing Mode A/C pulses and using Beamfinder Plus.

Thanks Bev and Mark!