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Rob Harrison

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I've used PFDR via the web for a long time, but recently the pages have become slow to respond to commands. Today for instance it was performing reasonably well, then later it became very slow.

Other web pages from general sites such as Ebay,BBC, etc, load fine. Are you experiencing server problems over the last few weeks?


I've got the same problem over the last few days. so slow you can't even drag the map and do basic functions. all my other sites are fine.
Hi Jerry,

Yes, it does vary from almost unusable to almost normal. But over the last few weeks it's been poor. I'm using Chrome browser on a Vista OS. Whether it related to that or at PFDR's end who knows. Any comment from the admin' team please.

Hi Guys,
We aren't aware of any performance issues with our site.
Sorry for my lack of understanding - what is PFDR?
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Hi Mark,

Thanks for responding.

PFDR = PlaneFinDeR a unofficial acronym many use to indicate which web app' they are using. FR24 = FlightRadar24, is the other one, sorry.

I'd noticed the slowness about 3-4 weeks ago, you couldn't move the map or resize it, would take a while to change, and aircraft data wasn't appearing at the normal speed. The planes would stop and then start again after some time, by which time the flight you were interested in had gone by.

I suppose it could have been ISP trouble but all my other web sites seemed quick to respond, including FR24.

At the time I was using Chrome 46.0.2490m as the browser, with MS Vista OS. Today Chrome has updated to 47.0.2526m.

Just one of those many crazy internet/PC happenings we love to hate.



P.S. like the "hide Ad" feature, thanks.
Thanks Rob,

Ah yes! ) I might start using that acronym myself now :)
We didn't notice notice anything wrong during that period and do have all sorts of monitoring in place on the bits we have control over.
Interested to hear if it does happen again.
Could be related to an ISP as you say.

Thanks for the feedback on the ad feature.
Data sharers get to login and not see ads at all too.

Anyways - thanks for the information on the browser and the OS version.

Best regards,