PFR - failing to get GPS lock

Jerry SE18

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This has happened over the last couple of days, the GPS light is flashing blue "Acquiring satellites, Doing fixes"

There have been no changes this end, is it just my unit, or have any others had problems?

The same issue here, the blue GPS light flashing continuously. There is a thick cloud layer and drizzle here, but the setup hasn't changed.


Merry Xmas
I am glad it is not just me then, although here in London there are intermittent clouds and no rain.

Phil may have more information after the festive season.
Hi Jerry,

Here is all OK again too. In the PFR log file I found that there was a software update on 25 Dec at 21:51 UTC.
I think that this has fixed the problem.

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Looking at log view my log starts at 21:53 on the 25th, I am assuming just after the update?

Where did you get your entry from please?

My current log file starts at 2016-12-25 13:10.

I found the system update details at 21:51 on my Log View page (Click on "click here" at the top of that page).

It say GPS status:Acquiring satellites,
Decoding status:no usable satellites,
nothing has changed in the setup of the equipment.
Thanks. I'd give it a power cycle but it does sound like it's not getting a GPS signal. Where is the GPS antenna located?