Plane fell and killed former owner of LAPA


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The aircraft crashed on several private homes Nordelta district, in the north of Buenos Aires. The two occupants, Gustavo Andrés Deutsch and his wife were killed.


The entrepreneur Gustavo Andrés Deutsch, former president of the airline LAPA, and his wife, Graciela, died today at collapsing the plane he was piloting in Nordelta causing the burning of three houses in the neighborhood La Isla, whose owners were absent and no injuries were reported , police and municipal sources Tigre.

The machine, a Beechcraft Super King Air 300 tuition LVWLT belonged to the fleet of air taxis Tango Jet, owned by Deutsch, who had taken off from your stay in the region of Junín, Buenos northwest, towards the Jorge Newbery airport, sources research, tonight had not yet recovered the bodies.

As they reported to news media some residents of the country, the plane flew at very low altitude, fire was seen on board and some items fell off while his driver, estimate, trying to land on water in a nearby lake, a few miles from the airport of San Fernando.

Finally, the aircraft hit a tree then hit a house, whose destruction was total, other bounced off and exploded, damaging a total of three properties that were uninhabited at the time, firefighters reported. In this sector the neighborhood businessman Eduardo Constantini has a house, which was not affected as circulated at first.

A little of the incident, which occurred just after 15, flames and smoke were seen over the residential neighborhood in the impact zone. Parts of the plane were found scattered around the place.

The pilot Jorge Polanco told Channel C5N that Deutsch had entered the plane to the country in 1995 and that flying since.

The mayor of Tigre, Julio Zamora, told reporters there were no other injuries in the accident, the causes of experts investigating the place of Forensic Science and the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC)

Zamora explained that the area "Ten years ago it was a marsh" but had a "exponential growth" in the last decade, so he felt it necessary to "revisit" the system "permission to fly" the place.

Several directors of LAPA, including Deutsch and Ronald Boyd, then his vice president, were indicted for the tragedy of flight 3142, a Boeing 737 on August 31, 1999 at 20:54 in front of the Aeroparque crashed after a failed takeoff into Córdoba, killing 65 people and seriously injuring hundreds.

On June 1, 2011 the Federal Court in April (TOF 4) stated the case against prescribed Deutsch and Boyd, who already in 2009 had been acquitted of the crime of "guilty damage" but sentenced sentences three years in prison on hold Lapa managers junior: Operations manager, Valerio Diehl and former head of the line 737, Gabriel Borsani.

That judgment was upheld this year by the Chamber of Criminal Appeal also ordered the four TOF resolve prescription order made by the principals of LAPA.

The tragedy was attributed to a failure of the pilot not configured profiles plane could not take off and crashed into a landfill causing a fire that killed most of the victims and more than a hundred injured correctly.