Plane Finder 3D

Mark Daniels

Staff member
Thanks Rob,

If you select the icon in the top left corner you should see some pages of bookmarks.
These are all preset currently.
We will add more to these (we can do this without an app update).

I hope that helps!



New Member

Yeah, I found that, but it doesn't cover my local area. Any way to add a GPS location or import bookmarks from PFHD?


Danny Boggs

New Member
I noticed an issue i cannot account for. While using the fly me feature, after a minute or two, the plane stops moving. I x out and try to go back in but it still doesnt move. I thought that maybe the plane left range but i see it still moving on planefinder HD.


New Member
When ever I press 'fly me' my screen just freezes on a picture of the sky, and I cannot figure out how to fly the plane? It is an amazing app but would love to know how to fly the plane?
Thank you!