Plane Finder Client 3.5

Lee Armstrong

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Today we are really pleased to announce the public test release of 3.5 for Linux armhf (Raspberry Pi).


A lot of work has gone into making this release and we've added some great new features.

  • Web pages now look a lot more like and a lot less "developery", why should your local web view look rubbish!?!
  • Photos - the client now shows the latest photo we have for an aircraft.
  • Extra data - We now source some data from inside the Plane Finder systems and return them to you! This means that without having to mess around with an SQB file we will give you the aircraft type, registration, flight number and the route!
  • Map
    • Labels! Now there are some labels that reflect a few lines of information
    • Flightpath investigation, just like on you can now hover over the flightpath to get more information
    • API Key - For those that like to expose their client to the internet or a different hostname you can now create and add an API key.
If this all goes well there will be a formal release after the holidays! In the mean time you can download it manually here!

ab cd

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Thanks Lee
1) Installed. Looks & works great
#First removed & purged existing version pfclient_3.4.61
~$ sudo dpkg --remove pfclient
~$ sudo dpkg --purge pfclient

#Now installed new version
~$ wget
~$ sudo dpkg -i pfclient_3.5.461_armhf.deb

2) Updated Installation guide:

PF Client-3.5.png
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I really appreciate and like this new client version and also the update for PF Radar - a massive improvement. Many thanks to the Support team for providing this.


Lee Armstrong

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We have never supported MLAT on the Raspberry Pi I'm afraid. Only Plane Finder Radar and Radarcape.

MLAT can be done without a GPS but we decided not to do it as it can be very inaccurate.

Lee Armstrong

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This was a bug on the server side we have fixed.

Your installation was not generating MLAT data but was getting the results for "free".

MLAT data is available on or you can buy a Plane Finder Radar from our shop.

Lee Armstrong

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OK - at my old client installation MLAT planes appears at Browsermap and STATS page shows MLAT data .......
Also, setting your client installation to a Radarcape as I suspect you are doing when it's not installed on a Radarcape will simply start triggering our blocking!

Lee Armstrong

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What is not needed?

We do use MLAT ourselves but found the accuracy of non GPS systems to be really bad so we don't use these at all. We had a working system and were not happy with the compromises that we had to make.

This is why we designed our own receiver with a <50ns accuracy (around 15 metres) and this way we get some great MLAT plots!
Ok - understand the reason and Your position.
Don`t get me wrong - my words was not meant as criticism on Your system and decisions!
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