Plane Finder Client not working // and Virtual Radar Server


New Member
I've logged on to my Plane Finder receiver from my PC with a browser. The IP address is correct. The receiver is still feeding Plane Finder Net but when the client runs up everything is blank. No log, no stats etc. It's as if it's completely dead. It was working ok last time I looked at it, a couple of months ago, maybe a bit longer ;)
Any ideas please?

Second query
Can I use Virtual Radar Server to feed a SBS to Plane Finder Net ?
I don't know the ip address or port to forward to.

Hi Chris,

Can you tell me a little more about the browser you are using and the computer, versions etc? Do any other browsers work at all? Are there some ad blockers?

Also the SBS can't be fed from VRS. If it's an old SBS you are feeding enough from the Plane Finder receiver so I would save your bandwidth!