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Hello, great website...
Is there a way to get old data? I need to see what flew over my home on Memorial Day (5/27/2013) 2 pm (michigan)
thanks mike r.
Hi Michael,

Yes, the site has an excellent database :D that allows you to view a recorded plane's movements but it sadly doesn't track FAA data. :( If the plane that did fly over your house was ADS-B received onto the site, then it is possible to see it flying across Michigan.

The playback option is here:
Michigan Playback 2.PNG

Good luck finding your plane! ;)

As for the quick advancing and evolving of Plane Finder, there has been the new roll-out of the revamped

For the new site, many new features have been added and many things had changed so I created an updated tutorial for Playback for people who don't know so:


I hope this helps!