Plane Finder Sharer Site - With stats, polar diagrams and cool stuff

Mark Daniels

Staff member
We are delighted to introduce something new for everyone who shares data and/or hosts receivers for us!!

Such cool stuff as this.....
and this...

You can access your own polar diagrams, see a league table etc etc here…

If you share or host for us why not sign up and give it a go.
It works really well from mobile devices too!!

Once you are registered - go to the account page and assign your plane finder or PlanePlotter share code to your login. It;s as simple as that! There is a secure section that only you can see too.
If you wish you can remove all information from public view that is possible too.
(If you don't know your share code or want to know more please email us at [email protected])

We hope that you find the new site useful - and of course fun too!


Mark and the Plane Finder team
Works great on my iPhone (rotate for graphics zoom :) ). It's nice to have remote visibility into system ops when away from the computer. I am new to this and these are very useful tools for tinkering with the system setup. Thanks for a really nice set of performance stats!