PlaneFinder and expansion to cover Military once more

Red Baron

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Now that HRH the Prince William is no longer an operational helicopter pilot is PlaneFinder going to reinstate the coverage of military aircraft?

The reason given to exclude these was that a newspaper article had highlighted that the prince could be tracked and terrorists could use the information to carry out their dastardly plots (Daily Mail hyperbole as usual). Given that the Prince was flying a civil helicopter at the time I could not get me head around the logic of PlaneFinder's decision.

Other sites do show military traffic; I can pick up radio transmissions on my UHF/VHF radio and I can see many military types overflying my home.

What is the issue?
We have no plans to change our policy on tracking of military aircraft currently.
Sorry that is not what you wanted to hear following the retirement of Prince William from the Air Ambulance service.