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Hello, I've been a feeder via my Pi set-up for a few years now and was previously using the APP on an older phone. When I got a new phone recently the APP didn't transfer. How do I go about downloading the APP to use on my new phone [Android] I contacted support via the messaging service on this site about a week ago but haven't had a response yet?

Sorry to hear of this problem.
Thank you for sharing your data - it is very much appreciated.

Please can you also sign up here and assign your share code to your account if you haven't already

Once done you can use your account to sign into
This will give you premium access to the website.

We have created a login on the free Plane Finder apps that uses your login
Please therefore use the free app. Once logged in all of the premium features will be available to you.

I hope that you enjoy the website, app, and the sharing client.

Please also let me know of any problems or if we can ever help with anything else.

With thanks and best regards,


Mark Daniels