Planefinder client map


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I have a rasp pi running dump1090-fa, feeding data to flightaware, planefinder and flightradar24. I have two questions about the planefinder client:
1) Is there a way to change the airplane colors on the map? The yellow airplanes are very hard to see.
2) Is there a reason why the planefinder client would only show six airplanes when the PiAware Skyview shows eleven? Am I pointing to the wrong data?

Thank you, by the way, for such a great product!

Hi Jason,

The colours are set I'm afraid. Maybe it's something we can look to add in the future though!

The 6/11 thing could be down to how trustworthy a client thinks the data is and also how quickly it expires out. It could also be that you are doing FlightAware MLAT that then doesn't get passed onto our client? We don't do MLAT with non Plane Finder Radar devices as the quality of the MLATs is not good enough!