Planefinder Sharing problems

Lee Armstrong

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I have had a couple of issues similar to those described in this thread.

I am running PF Client version 3.0 (2080) under Windows 7 and have been since mid 2015. After a 5 week uninterrupted spell of feeding, I saw my sharing statistics drop to zero on the PF web site. As I was away from home, this remained like this for 4 days until I could get to the PC.

When I got to the PC, the client log ended with a "Successfully sent..." message for the time when the central web site had last seen me and nothing more after that. The stats showed a perfectly healthy stream of received data still ongoing. But, curiously, the map view showed both moving aircraft plus hundreds of aircraft frozen at the point where they had gone out of my range. The data view held a great long list of aircraft far longer than normal. "Restarting" the client failed to restart the feeding, I actually had to exit the client and run it again.

This problem reoccurred yesterday after just six days of operation. The symptoms were exactly the same with the "Map" being populated with lots of disappeared aircraft.

Does anyone have any idea as to why this behaviour has started happening?

Hi Martin,

We've seen this with a spotty internet connection actually and will have a new version in the coming weeks that should help with that.

Please stay tuned on the forums.



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Thanks Lee.

My Internet connection is pretty solid as I feed a number of sites both for this hobby as well as Amateur Radio. All the feeds generally fail together when the ISP has an issue. Only PF is suffering at this time.

I will keep tuned to this forum thread.


Steve Jones

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Well.. Since Jan 2nd, when I put the receiver on a hardwired cable, there have been no more dropouts for me.. I ran one week with Planefinder client on RPi, and then a week ago, moved back to Windows 8 VM for both the Basestation and PFClient. So far, so good.

So, I guess in my case, it was all a false alarm.. Sorry.. but, I guess I learned I need to trash these power line network extenders! :)

I'll keep an eye out and report anything else I see.. Also willing to do whatever will help figure out if there still is a bug in the Windows client.. Beta versions, RDP access to the VM for the developers.. whatever..