PlaneFinder thinks flight has already arrived which actually has not departed yet


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Something odd with PlaneFinder. It shows a flght which has not even departed the airport yet as having already arrived to its desination. It offers a playback of the flight.... which actually has not even started yet.

SAS airlines has a pair of flights.... CPH to ORD SK943 and ORD to CPH SK944.

Currently, at this time, SK943 is in flight headed to ORD.

PlaneFinder correctly shows that the SK944 flight departs from ORD at: 10 Jan 2024 22:11 CST US Chicago ORD

PlaneFinder incorrectly shows that SK944 for today has already arrived at CPH, offers play button to review the flight.

Ahhhh...... that time has not come yet.
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Oh....... Is the Tracking History flight dates based on GMT, and the airport times are based on the local timezone? So a fight starting out from ORD this evening time is tracked by the next date as it is already the next day according to GMT?