PlanePlotter v6.3.7 now available

Mark Daniels

Staff member
PlanePlotter version 6.3.y is now available for download:
You can install the new version over the old one but you must close/exit PlanePlotter before installing the new one. Your settings will be preserved.
If you receive a message saying that the installer is unable to replace planeplotter.exe, it means that you did not close PP first.
New in version 6.3.7

Fix for a problem for SMUs and MUs if the ISP changes the WAN IP address.

Save the message rate window state on close down and restore it on restart.

Additional message rate window scale to 5000 messages per second. The rate scale is varied by clicking on the meter display.

New Mode-S option for RTL>RPi>dump1090>PP configuration. Please tell me if you are using this configuration as a Ground Station because I need to insert a calibration factor for the raw data time tags on your system.

Enable RTL>RPi>dump1090>PP to operate a Ground Station. Please make sure that you use the new Mode-S option (above) when using this feature.

Hide blue SPI rings when the aircraft is not plotted on the chart. Previously, SPI rings appeared around "ghost" aircraft.