PlanePlotter v6.4.1.6 now available

Mark Daniels

Staff member
PlanePlotter version is now available for download:

It is really easy to share your data with Plane Finder. You can find this via --> Options--> Share -->Setup
Please let us know that you are doing this and also please don't forget to ask for some free apps!

You can install the new version over the old one but you must close/exit PlanePlotter before installing the new one. All settings are preserved.If you receive a message saying that the installer is unable to replace planeplotter.exe, it means that PP is still running so need to be closed.

New in version
  • on the y display, the permanent dots nw match the snowflakes
  • fix crash on TCAS alert
  • signal strength shows in MySky if enabled
  • VDL2 stops TCP receiver input (NFF)
  • TCAS alert shows aircraft identity
  • problem with target altitude via OLE/COM
  • Help..Test networking option to check "ntpq -p"
  • if the toolbar is at the bottom, pop up windows are displaced (NFF)
  • MultiPSK server on another IP address:port