PlanePlotter v6.4.1.7 now available

Mark Daniels

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PlanePlotter version is now available for download:

It is really easy to share your data with Plane Finder. You can find this via --> Options--> Share -->Setup
Please let us know that you are doing this and also please don't forget to ask for some free apps!

You can install the new version over the old one but you must close/exit PlanePlotter before installing the new one. All settings are preserved.If you receive a message saying that the installer is unable to replace planeplotter.exe, it means that PP is still running so need to be closed.

New in version
  • new receiver option RTL-PC+Dump1090
  • include alerting ID in TCAS alerts
  • detect Virtual Radar Server running
  • Help files edits
The new Dump1090 is an important addition and will enable raw data for MLAT to be used via RTL1090 dongles.
Wouldn't you know.. Late last night, I downloaded ver and installed it on two PCs..

Worked on configuring them today without a lot of success.
Now I can try my luck with version ;)

At last, I've got a viewer mode connection to the basement XP PC..
Both PCs are running version
Maybe I can try the remote-control mode now..

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I've noticed that PlanePlotter does not display the altitude in negative numbers,(like adsbscope sometimes does)
as the planes come into Logan airport in Boston.
Those landing from the northern approach can be seen going down to 'o' feet and no lower.. :)

I did the Google Earth cockpit view and it was pretty neat to watch landings..
It was fun while it lasted.. I'm not going to buy it, since I will likely be supplied with a Basestation CD when the receiver comes in..?.
For now, I've lost my only means of communication with the XP & Dongle downstairs in the basement..