PlanePlotter version is now available for download:


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Download PlanePlotter (version for Win2k, XP, Vista, Win7 and Win8/8.1.

Télécharger PlanePlotter en français (Version pour Win2k, XP, Vista, Win7 et Win8..


It is really easy to share your data with Plane Finder. You can find this via --> Options--> Share -->Setup
Please let us know that you are doing this and also please don't forget to ask for some free apps!

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You can install the new version over the old one but you must close/exit PlanePlotter before installing the new one. All settings are preserved.If you receive a message saying that the installer is unable to replace planeplotter.exe, it means that PP is still running so need to be closed.
icao24 -> ica024 for Airframes lookup
'down only' mode is correctly preserved
various small changes
icao24 -> ica024 for Airframes lookup from "a" window
(server script) GS radius 90 nm unless < 5 GS when it increases to 150 nm
SBS3 IP non-GS 5 min restarts fixed
(server script) GS radius 90 nm unless < 5 GS when it increases to 175 nm
SMU fix acceptance boundary expanded by 30 nm
optional contrail colors show altitude history (bug : not recorded when not displayed)
select more than one GPX Overlay up to All at once
select one or more Outline files up to All at once
option to exclude all Mode-C codes from Mode-A display
perform an immediate second try at a manual Mlat if it fails
outline on chart fixed for multi outlines
increase max outlines when selecting
add lat, lon, range, bearing to alert fields