Polar view - rings


I don’t know in which unit the distance of the rings in the Polar view was determined, but it is definitely different from what I read using the mouse held over the coverage chart.
Anyway, I like the new interface. It has a more modern look and the network resource requirements are more modest than the previous version. It seems smoother.

The unit should show on the map (and defaults to nm)

It actually resets whatever you have set as your "Distance Unit" in the settings.

If the text is not loading we would need to see if anything appeared in your browser console and the browser version etc you are using.


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On map page, I use NM and that's ok - looks good.

By the way, I would prefer keeping a "last 24hr" range plot instead the always reset and build-up type. A manual reset button would be fine for the case but range plot should not be reset even if I have to restart the receiver. Is it possible to have this feature in a future version?
(At least on the map page)
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That's ok, but - as you can see - on "plot.jpg" the circle is not where it should be (compared to the measured value)
Here is another example:
At 200 NM distance, edge should be ON a circle, not between...
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Now, I am sure that blue circles on Polar tab do use Statute Miles meanwhile the shown coverage pattern has NM values.

In previous version of PF client (v. 4.) it worked fine and NM was used for both.