Position Count decrementing!

Andrew Jury

New Member

I see from the sharer rankings that my position count is going down rather than up. Is this normal? I got up to around 450,000 and this now seems to be dropping down to the 400,000 mark. I don't really care as it isn't a race, just happy to contribute the data I collect. However, if this is being caused by a problem at my end then I guess I should fix it.

Just as a side note. My previous installation did the same thing, so I started again. Got to around half and million and then started counting backwards. So I wiped the installation, re-registered and started again.

Any ideas?

...and there we go again. 420K down to 413K this morning from yesterday. Can anyone explain what happened to these positions?
It's a rolling 30 day number. Your 30 day ago aircraft count drops from your total and today's aircraft count is added. What you've described with the 7k delta is today you had 7,000 less reports than you did on that day 30 days ago.
..aha, I see. That is not very obvious but mow you mention the reason it makes perfect sense. Thanks for pointing it out and have a good weekend.