problem working together with fr24feed


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I have install fr2feed under Ubuntu Linux. The problem is that although the Plane Finder Client, which is running also on the same PC with fr24feed (linux machine), is connected it is not receiving any data, if I am using Plane Finder Client only with dump1090 on port 30005 and data as Beast it takes data perfectly.
how can I use both clients at the same time
Thank you
I suggest you get the PFClient working and then you could connect the fr24feed client to our output on port 30054

Give that a. go
Thank you I solved the problem I resetuped dump1090, but now I am trying to make work the graphical ability of dump1090 is this working under Ubuntu or it works only on Rasbery
Sorry I don't really know much about the graphical ability of Dump1090 as I use the Plane Finder client as I find it has much much more!
any way thank you for your answer if I find the solution for graphical ability for dump1090 I will put it on the forum