Proxy connection without feedback about sent aircraft updates

Hello Janos,

This no longer logs successful connections and will only show errors now.

If you want to check you are feeding successfully then check “Your Receivers” on the Plane Finder website
This no longer logs successful connections and will only show errors now.

If you want to check you are feeding successfully then check “Your Receivers” on the Plane Finder website
Hello Lee,

Early this afternoon, the data transfer was seemingly smooth, the Stats tab also showed the speed of the transmitted data packets, and the log file did NOT contain any error messages either. As I checked the receiver's daily breakdown tab, the sent data does not appeared there.

It means that there were problems between PFClient and the server - still no error message in log or any kind of feedback.... (it was about between 1 and 3 pm.)

Would you be so kind to check what happened? Can I do anything to prevent the situation like this?

Real restart of the PFClient helped.
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No I cannot see anything at our end sadly, I can see your client restarted at 14:59z though and that should be in the logs of the client.

If there was an interruption in the connection the client will try and reconnect without being too aggressive.

At the time you were not connected I can't see issues with other connections at all into us.
Strange a bit. How can Stats tab show the packet rate and the sent amount in kB if it was not sent? Is it possible? My receiver worked well..
Strange a bit. How can Stats tab show the packet rate and the sent amount in kB if it was not sent? Is it possible? My receiver worked well..
That is just logging what was written to the network socket - we can't detect what actually passed over the network to us.

If there was an interruption it would still log the data until we were told by windows that the socket was closed. Windows is a strange beast and our preferred client install is a Linux based OS for that reason!

The log tab though should have shown the reconnection attempt though and would provide more info.
If there was an interruption in the connection the client will try and reconnect without being too aggressive.
Yes, that is the normal behaviour.
Now, PFClient sensed as if server accepted the packets, otherwise I could see the restart cycles.
Here is the log:

2021-02-02 15:44:04.647465 [V] NTP offset: -0.0871s2021-02-02 15:44:04.647443 [V] NTP drift: -0.0004s/min2021-02-02 15:44:04.647433 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612280644.5606 (est)2021-02-02 15:44:04.647423 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612280644.56032021-02-02 15:44:04.647412 [V] System clock time: 1612280644.64742021-02-02 15:44:04.647397 [V] Stratum: 32021-02-02 15:44:04.647365 [V] NTP sync succeeded with settings:2021-02-02 15:44:04.607493 [V] Performing NTP sync ( 15:29:04.112030 [V] NTP offset: -0.0931s2021-02-02 15:29:04.112021 [V] NTP drift: -0.0004s/min2021-02-02 15:29:04.112012 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612279744.0184 (est)2021-02-02 15:29:04.112003 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612279744.01882021-02-02 15:29:04.111984 [V] System clock time: 1612279744.11192021-02-02 15:29:04.111972 [V] Stratum: 32021-02-02 15:29:04.111930 [V] NTP sync succeeded with settings:2021-02-02 15:29:04.21000 [V] Performing NTP sync ( 15:29:03.16113 [V] NTP response error, retrying...2021-02-02 15:28:57.968929 [V] Performing NTP sync ( 15:13:57.887299 [V] NTP offset: -0.0995s2021-02-02 15:13:57.887283 [V] NTP drift: -0.0004s/min2021-02-02 15:13:57.887220 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612278837.7937 (est)2021-02-02 15:13:57.887210 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612278837.78772021-02-02 15:13:57.887199 [V] System clock time: 1612278837.88712021-02-02 15:13:57.887185 [V] Stratum: 22021-02-02 15:13:57.887153 [V] NTP sync succeeded with settings:2021-02-02 15:13:57.804112 [V] Performing NTP sync ( 14:59:09.562137 [V] Streaming data proxy set authentication status to: Authenticated2021-02-02 14:59:08.687084 [-] User location has been verified.2021-02-02 14:59:08.516907 [-] Connected to streaming data proxy server: 14:59:08.516875 [V] SSL/TLS connection successful!2021-02-02 14:59:08.293797 [V] Performing SSL/TLS handshake...2021-02-02 14:59:08.183717 [V] Attempting TLS: data-up.planefinder.net2021-02-02 14:58:57.704657 [V] NTP offset: -0.1055s2021-02-02 14:58:57.704639 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612277937.59912021-02-02 14:58:57.704628 [V] System clock time: 1612277937.70462021-02-02 14:58:57.704614 [V] Stratum: 22021-02-02 14:58:57.704582 [V] NTP sync succeeded with settings:2021-02-02 14:58:57.662719 [-] TCP connection established: 14:58:57.662366 [-] Echo port is now listening on: 14:58:57.662313 [-] Web server is now listening on: 14:58:57.652869 [V] Performing NTP sync ( 14:58:57.652512 [-] user_longitude = 19.2550102021-02-02 14:58:57.652503 [-] user_latitude = 47.4071582021-02-02 14:58:57.652494 [-] web_server_port = 300532021-02-02 14:58:57.652485 [-] select_timeout = 102021-02-02 14:58:57.652477 [-] aircraft_timeout = 302021-02-02 14:58:57.652469 [-] data_format = 12021-02-02 14:58:57.652460 [-] tcp_port = 310012021-02-02 14:58:57.652451 [-] tcp_address = 14:58:57.652437 [-] connection_type = 12021-02-02 14:58:57.651495 [-] pfclient (4.2.70 windows) started with the following options:2021-02-02 14:58:49.976167 [-] MLAT thread is shutting down2021-02-02 14:58:49.891924 [-] Web server is shutting down2021-02-02 14:58:49.746937 [-] NTP thread is shutting down2021-02-02 14:58:49.416469 [-] Echo port is shutting down2021-02-02 14:58:49.406319 [-] Data proxy is shutting down2021-02-02 14:58:49.406139 [-] Disconnected from streaming data proxy server: 14:58:49.404412 [-] Shutting down workers...2021-02-02 14:58:48.831866 [-] Closed TCP connection: 14:57:57.787263 [-] TCP connection established: 14:57:57.786984 [-] Client restarted successfully2021-02-02 14:57:57.786485 [-] Closed TCP connection: 14:47:48.945612 [V] NTP offset: -0.1108s2021-02-02 14:47:48.945603 [V] NTP drift: -0.0004s/min2021-02-02 14:47:48.945593 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612277268.8364 (est)2021-02-02 14:47:48.945584 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612277268.83472021-02-02 14:47:48.945575 [V] System clock time: 1612277268.94552021-02-02 14:47:48.945563 [V] Stratum: 22021-02-02 14:47:48.945525 [V] NTP sync succeeded with settings:2021-02-02 14:47:48.905358 [V] Performing NTP sync ( 14:32:49.587887 [V] NTP offset: -0.1244s2021-02-02 14:32:49.587877 [V] NTP drift: -0.0003s/min2021-02-02 14:32:49.587868 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612276369.4620 (est)2021-02-02 14:32:49.587859 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612276369.46342021-02-02 14:32:49.587849 [V] System clock time: 1612276369.58782021-02-02 14:32:49.587837 [V] Stratum: 32021-02-02 14:32:49.587774 [V] NTP sync succeeded with settings:2021-02-02 14:32:49.497130 [V] Performing NTP sync ( 14:17:49.15100 [V] NTP offset: -0.1396s2021-02-02 14:17:49.15089 [V] NTP drift: -0.0004s/min2021-02-02 14:17:49.15080 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612275468.8759 (est)2021-02-02 14:17:49.15064 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612275468.87532021-02-02 14:17:49.14998 [V] System clock time: 1612275469.01492021-02-02 14:17:49.14985 [V] Stratum: 42021-02-02 14:17:49.14951 [V] NTP sync succeeded with settings:2021-02-02 14:17:48.978191 [V] Performing NTP sync ( 14:02:49.831421 [V] NTP offset: -0.1534s2021-02-02 14:02:49.831410 [V] NTP drift: -0.0004s/min2021-02-02 14:02:49.831400 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612274569.6359 (est)2021-02-02 14:02:49.831380 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612274569.67792021-02-02 14:02:49.831369 [V] System clock time: 1612274569.83132021-02-02 14:02:49.831356 [V] Stratum: 22021-02-02 14:02:49.831322 [V] NTP sync succeeded with settings:2021-02-02 14:02:49.751098 [V] Performing NTP sync ( 13:47:49.151136 [V] NTP offset: -0.1647s2021-02-02 13:47:49.151126 [V] NTP drift: -0.0032s/min2021-02-02 13:47:49.151116 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612273669.0667 (est)2021-02-02 13:47:49.151107 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612273668.98642021-02-02 13:47:49.151097 [V] System clock time: 1612273669.15102021-02-02 13:47:49.151085 [V] Stratum: 32021-02-02 13:47:49.151056 [V] NTP sync succeeded with settings:2021-02-02 13:47:49.106372 [V] Performing NTP sync ( 13:32:49.571137 [V] NTP offset: -0.1192s2021-02-02 13:32:49.571127 [V] NTP drift: 0.0022s/min2021-02-02 13:32:49.571118 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612272769.4130 (est)2021-02-02 13:32:49.571109 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612272769.45192021-02-02 13:32:49.571099 [V] System clock time: 1612272769.57102021-02-02 13:32:49.571087 [V] Stratum: 22021-02-02 13:32:49.571049 [V] NTP sync succeeded with settings:2021-02-02 13:32:49.518040 [V] Performing NTP sync ( 13:17:49.579467 [V] NTP offset: -0.1540s2021-02-02 13:17:49.579457 [V] NTP drift: -0.0004s/min2021-02-02 13:17:49.579448 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612271869.4261 (est)2021-02-02 13:17:49.579439 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612271869.42542021-02-02 13:17:49.579429 [V] System clock time: 1612271869.57942021-02-02 13:17:49.579417 [V] Stratum: 32021-02-02 13:17:49.579372 [V] NTP sync succeeded with settings:2021-02-02 13:17:49.532594 [V] Performing NTP sync ( 13:02:49.242728 [V] NTP offset: -0.1500s2021-02-02 13:02:49.242717 [V] NTP drift: -0.0003s/min2021-02-02 13:02:49.242707 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612270969.0889 (est)2021-02-02 13:02:49.242698 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612270969.09262021-02-02 13:02:49.242688 [V] System clock time: 1612270969.24262021-02-02 13:02:49.242667 [V] Stratum: 22021-02-02 13:02:49.242634 [V] NTP sync succeeded with settings:2021-02-02 13:02:49.173047 [V] Performing NTP sync ( 12:47:49.546441 [V] NTP offset: -0.1468s2021-02-02 12:47:49.546432 [V] NTP drift: -0.0006s/min2021-02-02 12:47:49.546422 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612270069.4056 (est)2021-02-02 12:47:49.546413 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612270069.39952021-02-02 12:47:49.546395 [V] System clock time: 1612270069.54632021-02-02 12:47:49.546382 [V] Stratum: 32021-02-02 12:47:49.546344 [V] NTP sync succeeded with settings:2021-02-02 12:47:49.500563 [V] Performing NTP sync ( 12:32:49.421465 [V] NTP offset: -0.1399s2021-02-02 12:32:49.421456 [V] NTP drift: -0.0002s/min2021-02-02 12:32:49.421446 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612269169.2758 (est)2021-02-02 12:32:49.421438 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612269169.28152021-02-02 12:32:49.421420 [V] System clock time: 1612269169.42142021-02-02 12:32:49.421408 [V] Stratum: 22021-02-02 12:32:49.421370 [V] NTP sync succeeded with settings:2021-02-02 12:32:49.381976 [V] Performing NTP sync ( 12:17:49.547996 [V] NTP offset: -0.1392s2021-02-02 12:17:49.547986 [V] NTP drift: -0.0006s/min2021-02-02 12:17:49.547973 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612268269.4100 (est)2021-02-02 12:17:49.547960 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612268269.40872021-02-02 12:17:49.547942 [V] System clock time: 1612268269.54792021-02-02 12:17:49.547929 [V] Stratum: 32021-02-02 12:17:49.547890 [V] NTP sync succeeded with settings:2021-02-02 12:17:49.505407 [V] Performing NTP sync ( 12:02:49.36569 [V] NTP offset: -0.1328s2021-02-02 12:02:49.36560 [V] NTP drift: -0.0005s/min2021-02-02 12:02:49.36551 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612267368.8984 (est)2021-02-02 12:02:49.36542 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612267368.90362021-02-02 12:02:49.36524 [V] System clock time: 1612267369.03652021-02-02 12:02:49.36513 [V] Stratum: 32021-02-02 12:02:49.36475 [V] NTP sync succeeded with settings:2021-02-02 12:02:48.956872 [V] Performing NTP sync ( 12:02:47.943183 [V] NTP response error, retrying...2021-02-02 12:02:42.894996 [V] Performing NTP sync ( 11:47:42.615881 [V] NTP offset: -0.1278s2021-02-02 11:47:42.615870 [V] NTP drift: -0.0008s/min2021-02-02 11:47:42.615861 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612266462.4989 (est)2021-02-02 11:47:42.615852 [V] Corrected clock time: 1612266462.48802021-02-02 11:47:42.615833 [V] System clock time: 1612266462.61582021-02-02 11:47:42.615821 [V] Stratum: 32021-02-02 11:47:42.615783 [V] NTP sync succeeded with settings:
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Wouldn't it be a useful function for the process to send the correct checksum back to client?
We can only go on what the operating system tells us. It seems the underlying connection went but it didn't tell us straight away. Which is why the client restarted as we thought something might be up!
Maybe the client shall be able to detect if sent data is not accepted but the port was open only...
This is why I suggested the use of checksum. If there is a long delay or data corruption, client can alert the owner.
I always have remote access to my gadgets, so it would be useful to know the real situation. In this case, two parts of the system communicated like the old Netbios. - without feedback.
I restarted it first manually by using the menu available on its tray icon, then I closed and started fully - to be sure that the connection is rebuilt.
Short answer: It was me. :) (after I noted the missing data on receiver's page)

After the restart, graph signed that new data was gathered again - so the connection got fixed.
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I think, there was something changed on server side, since data was not lost this way earlier.
If purpose of the change was for getting an even smaller footprint on the system, it is ok... but client should be still able to detect the really sent and accepted data (integrity and/or amount) on the fly without writing a transaction log. Error (or optionally debug) level logging is necessary even if writing cycles are limited.
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