Radarcape Installation

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Lee Armstrong

Staff member
With the release of "Major2" it is even easier than before to install the Plane Finder client onto your Radarcape!

First download the latest version of the "armhf" Debian package from https://planefinder.net/sharing/client. This will download it to your PC/Mac.

Next step is to navigate to the "Manual File Upload" section in the Radarcape's web interface.


Using the "Upload and Install Package" section select the .deb file you downloaded in the first step from the Plane Finder web site. Once done hit "Upload+Install" and the client will install!


After installation visit http://<IP address of Radarcape>:30053 and follow the steps to setup the Plane Finder client on the Radarcape.

Radarcape devices can connect to our MLAT server also with no config needed via the user and these planes will show in blue.

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