Randomly Select Flight, 2D Map

Mark francis

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I'm streaming a desktop display to my homepage at https://rotate.aero On the stream I have three Plane Finder windows open (data, map, and stats). On the map window it would be nice if the page randomly selected flights to have the additional flight data displayed on the left. Is that possible???
Current setup only using small antenna in window (limited range and returns). Stream will be down for a week starting Sept 5 to accomplish relocation to Cincinnati.
I can host streams on the site if anyone would be interested.
On your actual question:
I'd recommend using the dump1090-fa or dump1090-mutability map and implementing the feature yourself in the javascript webinterface.
Should be straight forward.

There are also custom interfaces for dump1090-fa available, they might be useful:

The second one, i'm familiar with, you'd literally only have to add window.setInterval(followRandomPlane, 60000) in an appropriate place.
The function to select a random plane is already present.

I suppose you are asking about the local interface for the planefinder client.
I'd be surprised if they'd go to the trouble of implementing such a rather niche feature.
The webserver and local web interface is baked into the client, so you can't modify it yourself.
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