Range with dvt-t and pf client on rpi


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I'm new and i set up a client using my RPi and a DVB-T stick

All is working very well. I use BEAST in my configuration (is that ok?)

After half a day of operations, I saw that my maximum range (nm) is 15

Most of contributors have their maximum range at about 200 nm

Could you please explain me what is it exactly ?
Is it that the more the range is high the more my system "see" plane ?
Is my range normal for my configuration ?

Thanks for your answer
Hi and welcome,
I'm sure you will soon get an expert opinion, but you are correct to think that the system needs a little while to register what your set-up "sees", but half a day should provide enough time to get a rough approximation of your range.
I suggest you provide a bit more info regarding what antenna set-up you are using, plus what your location is like regarding height of the antenna and any obstructions that may be limiting you.
Try the website that ab cd provided a link to to see what possibilities your location can obtain. http://www.heywhatsthat.com/

The more info the easier it will be to give assistance.

best regards
Thanks Oz Wald

I decided to build my own colinear 1090 MHZ antenna (less than 25eur). Very easy :)
This is a 16 segments and about 2meters long antenna (just 1 hour to build it)

Just used inside my home for the moment and whaou the range for plane above 30000 feets is now 95nm (was only 15nm before with my classic roof antenna).

My system has reported about 4 times more positions with just 4 hours working with the new antenna

This week end I will fix my colinear on my roof and I hope to see plane over 200nm

Classic TNT antenna on the roof :

My DIY 1090MHZ antenna (outside but on the ground)

Comparison of positions seen (only 4 hours working with my new antenna on march 2nd)
Capture d’écran 2016-03-02 à 22.09.57.png

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That's some improvement!

I just did a panorama in http://www.heywhatsthat.com/ based on the centre of Bordeaux at an elevation of 40' (13m) above ground and using 1000' as a minimum altitude and 40000' as a max and it gave this as your possible maximums. http://www.heywhatsthat.com/?view=QCFTAV8N

Once on the link, click the box 'Up in the Air' and the distance rings show and you can juggle the alts etc.

The site was very accurate at suggesting what I could see from here.

Happy hunting!
Hello Oz Wald

Thank you !

I'm not really at the center of Bordeaux but not far away. The ring is about near the same.

I tried to fix my collinear 1090MHZ antenna on the same mast than my TNT-TV antenna on my roof (very very clear 360° view) but the result is absolutely bad : no more than 10nm range and very few messages receipt. The antenna is really more accurate inside my home ! I checked the cable and the connectics 3 times but the result is not good.

May be you can answer that question : Is there an incompatibility to fix the two antennas (collinear and TNT-TV) at the same place on the same mast (interference or something like this) ?? (same mast but of course coaxial cable separate)

My Best.
I'm no expert in the electronics side of things, but I wouldn't be surprised if the TV antenna was affecting the Colinear. I fitted a Scanstik (the one in my avatar on a pole already containing my Pal-TV aerial. To say my reception was limited would be an understatement. It now exists happily on the same pole as my ADS-B antennas - the pole alongside is plastic and doesn't appear to affect it too much with just the coaxs running past it.
If you can get the collinear above the tv aerial, perhaps that wil help as the tv should be receiving directionally.
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