Raspberry Pi & Kintec SBS1

Peter Heck

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Dear all,

sorry - but didn't found any answer searching the forum / Google:

Since years, I run a Windows based installation with Kintec SBS1 (provided by Pinkfroot) without any problem. On Sunday, my Planefinder PC broke (SATA bus not working any longer).

As I already have an Raspberry Pi running for other purposes, I tried to use this one instead to avoid buying a new PC just for this purpose. I connected the USB cabel of the SBS1 (only device connected to the Raspi) and installed and configured the PFClient using following settings:

Setting    Value
Tcp Address
Tcp Port    30006
Select Timeout    10
Data Upload Interval    10
Connection Type    TCP
Aircraft Timeout    30
Data Format    Kinetic

Unfortunately, I can't get and connection to the SBS1.

Logfile says:

2016-08-16 11:28:57.693174 [V] Failed to open connection to socket: Connection refused (errno: 111)
2016-08-16 11:28:57.696866 [-] Failed TCP connection to all provided addresses for:

According to Mark, no other software component required to be installed except the PF-Client.

Anyone runs this configuration and could help?

Thanks for you feedback!

Cheers Peter
Got now a hint from Mark to use serial connection and I'm a step further. Serial port could be opened, but something seems to be wrong. Need to check when I'm back home, maybe the antenna is not connected well - got following errors:

2016-08-16 11:45:42.121591 [V] Low-traffic detected, restarting client (this is standard behaviour and is safe to ignore)
2016-08-16 11:45:42.123138 [-] Closed serial connection
2016-08-16 11:45:42.123392 [-] Client restarted successfully
2016-08-16 11:45:42.123464 [-] Attemping to open serial port '/dev/ttyUSB0'
2016-08-16 11:45:42.125414 [-] Successfully opened serial port: /dev/ttyUSB0