Receiver range plot map in web client?


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Hi guys,

Is it possible to build a "range plot" and heat map features into the PF webclient?

When one's personal goal is "pushing the range", this needs to be recording 24/7, to visibly show maximum range in a given direction (point).

There are a number of excellent projects around that aim to do this, but all rely on the processing and storage of the device (Rpi) itself...

Rather than getting into local storage devices, or even cloud storage services, something in the back of my mind suggests this would make even more sense if an online client - for example, PlaneFinder - could offer this in return for continued data feeding?

What do we think - good idea, possible?
Of course, this is available in a basic "compass rose" UI in a number of places...

What I'm thinking would be to plot this on a map UI... other projects that do this locally rely on browser memory for storage of the plots, i.e only "record" the plots while the browser window is open...
Hi Lee,

Thanks for coming back to me...

Yup, seen the 3D view, looks great, really interesting to "be among the aircraft" in the 3d view!

Is was thinking something slightly different, for example. this...


(Credit to LignumAqua for the map overlay, and Jo for the top nav and image functionality).

Here, the two outter poluygons show max theoretical range from heywhatsthat, and the "spikey" polygons show plots in that bearing - NB, these remain even when the aircraft has gone out of range.
End effect is that the range polygon grows (hopefully) against the theoretical max range...

This works pefectly, BUT the range polygon is only drawn whilst the browser window is open, as I believe it uses browser cache to store the data?

There are various projects on the go to use local HDD's to store the flight data, but to me it would make sence for a "large" central network resource to do the "heavy lifting" of storage and processing.

Keen not to be seen as "ripping off anyone's work" - but for me one of the main interests is pushing out the range, based on geography, i.e "Can I push into the Netherlands?" or "Can I get signals further south, past Oxford?" or "Wow, I can see as far South as Oxford at the moment!".
Yes I'm sure we could do something like this seeing as we have the data stored locally for the 3D view. I'll take a look