Reload planefinder after Piaware re-image of SD card


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Hi! Can anyone help me to reload Planefinder on my RPi after I had to re-image my SD card?
I would like to continue using my existing share code.
Many thanks
(1) Before re-imaging microSD card with Piaware SD card image, on existing install do this to recover your share code:

sudo nano /etc/pfclient-config.json

You will see a very long line. Scroll right to see it in full. Copy-paste the entire line to a text file like note-pad on your desktop/laptop. At the end of this line you will see your share code. Save the text file to preserve your share code, and use this in freash install.

(2) After reimaging with Piaware SD card image, go to this post and scroll down to "STEP 3- Installation of Data feeder" and follow instructions.

here is output of my file /etc/pfclient-config.json
(Scroll right to see it in full)