Retro Livery for 75th Qantas B737-800 VH-XZP

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Retro Livery for 75th Qantas B737-800 VH-XZP
Qantas is to celebrate its long history with the 'Flying Kangaroo' with a special 'retro' livery to be painted on the 75th Qantas B737-800, VH-XZP.

A Design of the Retro Look Similar to the one which is to be Revealed

Qantas is to mark 70 years of the flying kangaroo by unveiling its first “retro” aircraft livery, which will feature on a Boeing 737-800 due to be delivered next month.

The 737-800, due to arrive in Australia on November 19, will be the 75th to join the Qantas fleet, and its painting in an as yet undisclosed retro scheme featuring the flying kanagaroo will mark the 70th anniversary of the kangaroo appearing on a Qantas aircraft for the first time.

The first Qantas aircraft to wear a kangaroo logo was Liberator G-AGKT in 1944. A converted ex RAF LB-30 Liberator bomber, one of four Qantas would operate, G-AGKT was fitted with long-range fuel tanks and could seat 15 passengers, and was used on flights to Colombo in what is now Sri Lanka. Qantas co-founder and chairman Hudson Fysh dubbed the flights the “Kangaroo Service” – thought to be due to the long nonstop “hop” between Learmonth, WA and Colombo – to link with BOAC flights onwards to London.

A Qantas B747 in Similar Colours

The iconic winged kangaroo symbol was then introduced in 1947 on the airline’s Lockeed Constellations. A 1984 re-design saw the kangaroo logo lose its wings, while the current livery was introduced in 2007.

“Our kangaroo logo represents our proud history, inextricably linked with the development of commercial aviation in Australia. It has also become a symbol of ‘home’ to Australians travelling both here and abroad,” Qantas group executive for brand, marketing and corporate affairs, Olivia Wirth said in a statement on Wendesday.

“A retro livery is the perfect tribute to our iconic flying kangaroo logo and its 70th anniversary.”

The retro schemed 737 will be 737-838 VH-XZP msn 44577, which is the last 737-800 currently on order for Qantas.

A Qantas 747 in Old Livery Taking Off

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I can't track VH-XZP on the app!

Hi Mattwehr,

The reason in why you cannot track VH-XZP on the Plane Finder map is because Plane Finder has not added the aircraft's registration, VH-XZP to the enormous database that it has. It currently appears on Plane Finder only by the ADSHEX number which is 7C7803.


I will post a request to the Pinkfroot team to add it to their database as soon as possible as I too have noticed it flying around Australia without its proper tail number for a few days now.

I hope that the information for this special plane will be updated soon and then you will be able to track the flight by the registration VH-XZP.

Shine Wang
Qantas's Retro Roo Aircraft has taken to the skies and currently is in service on domestic flights around Australia. The 75th B737 aircraft, registered VH-XZP is the latest and the final B737 aircraft on order.

Qantas's Retro Roo Flying round Australia

This aircraft is nicknamed the Retro Roo and carries the name of James Strong.

VH-XZP Taxiing on the Tarmac at Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport
Picture: Damien Aiello

The special aircraft is to remind passengers of the successful and bright history in which Qantas had earlier and strengthens its spirit of being the oldest continuously operating airline in the world.

A video published by Qantas about the 'Retro Roo' is available here:

I can't track VH-XZP on the app!

Hi Mattwehr,

The team at Plane Finder has responded to the request and have now updated the information for VH-XZP. You should now be able to track VH-XZP on the app. Don't forget to set up an alert on the app for the aircraft as well!

All the Best!

Shine Wang :D

Great work. I reckon it looks the duck's you know what! Looking at it instantly brings back memories of having a guided tour of a 747SP at Perth air port many, many moons ago from a relative who was a Qantas Captain.... that sort of thing would sadly be almost unimaginable in this post 9/11 era. Between you and Eric G, I feel less and less worthy each time I log in!

Awesome work mate, keep it up!

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